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How to do daily maintenance of solar street lights?

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How to do daily maintenance of solar street lights?

Solar street lights are the most basic infrastructure in rural areas. Street lights can be seen next to roads in both cities and rural areas. They provide light and convenience for people to travel at night in people's daily life. But solar street lights also have a service life. Without professional maintenance person, how can we maintain it?

1. Inspection and maintenance of the solar street light controller, which affects the change of the lighting time and brightness of the system. Because the components of the solar street light system have different lifespans, the battery and solar street light controller are the main ones that control the brightness and light time. If you find that the street light is not on time enough, you should check the battery power and the solar street light controller first. Each manufacturer's controller has an instruction manual, and is generally equipped with a working status indicator light. Based on it, it can be preliminarily judged whether the solar street light system is working normally or not.

2. Daily maintenance of solar panels. The solar panel is a key component to provide energy to the solar street light system. So it is necessary to ensure that the solar panel is complete, tidy and good in light collection. It is necessary to prevent the solar panels from being damaged by hard and sharp objects. It is forbidden to throw sundries on the solar panels. Clean and inspect them regularly, and trim the branches of the solar panels in time.

3. Maintenance of solar battery mainly includes paying attention to anti-theft and checking whether the charging and discharging of the solar street light system is correct. You can make a preliminary judgment with reference to the working state of the solar street light controller. At the same time, you can check the battery's power level of charge and discharge. It is strictly forbidden to adjust the working state of the solar street light controller without authorization to avoid overshooting and over-discharging of the battery.

4. Daily inspection of solar street light source. This is easier. First of all, it is strictly forbidden the impact of hard objects and sharp objects. At the same time, please check the working status of the light source regularly. If there is one lamp beads are found to be off, it should be repaired in time to avoid damaging the entire lamp.

5. Inspection and maintenance of solar light poles and accessories. It is important to note that the configuration of the street lamp inspection and installation door must be complete, and it must be repaired in time if it is damaged or lost. Because the solar street lamp controller and related lines are installed inside, it is easy to cause short-circuit and damage if rainwater enters and the opening of the wire can also easily cause problems such as breakage and so on. These problems seriously affect the life of the solar street light system.

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