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What kind of solar street light is the best choice for you?

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What kind of solar street light is the best choice for you?

  1. All-in-one or all-in-two solar street light?
  2. Fixed or flexible solar panel
  3. Cost of installation

All-in-one or all-in-two solar street light?

Nowadays, solar street lights are becoming more and more popular. In Europe, due to the Green Act, more and more roads adopt solar street lights. In many places in Africa and South Asia where there is no grid, solar street lights have become very popular. In rural China, various solar street lights can be seen everywhere.

You can see all kinds of street lights: traditional solar street lights, all in two solar lights and all in one solar lights. All the solar lights consist of three main parts: solar panel, lamp fixture, rechargeable battery. The traditional solar street lights are the first generation. Second generation is all-in-two and all-in-one solar lights.

All in one (Integrated solar street light): Integrate the solar panel, LED source, PIR motion sensor (or microwave motion sensor), Aluminum Alloy frame, die casting bracket together as a whole set.

All in two (split solar street light): two separate parts using a wire to connect, the two separate parts are solar panel and lamp with the built-in battery.

Before you decide which type of solar lights to install, please check the differences between the two types.

Fixed or flexible solar panel

It’s common sense that bigger solar panel will generate more solar energy. Besides for monocrystalline and polycrystalline solar panels, the incident angle of solar light largely determines the solar energy conversion efficiency. Direct sunlight will help the solar panels absorb the maximum solar energy. So the orientation and angle of the solar panels is important.

When the solar panel get enough sunshine, the battery will quicky get full charged. More energy stored in the battery, more time the solar lights can work.

All-in-two solar lights are very flexible when it comes to directional angle while the all-in-one are fixed. The size of the solar panel in all-in-one street lights is limited to the size of the light fixture while you can use any size of solar panel when you choose all-in-two.

In areas where the sunlight is almost direct and the sunshine duration is very long, both types of street lights will perform well. But if the project is locates in high latitude areas with short sunshine duration, or the direction of the road is not good for get enough sunshine, you should consider about the all-in-two solar street light.

Cost of installation

Generally speaking, the All-in-one solar street light can be directly fixed to a straight light pole without the need to make additional solar brackets and light arms. But you need to make solar panel supporter and lamp arm for the All-in-two solar lights. This brings an increase in the total cost.

To install all-in-two solar street lights, you need to fix the lamp fixture to the lamp arm, install the solar panel on the lamp pole and adjust the direction of the solar panel, and the wire passes through the lamp arm to connect the solar panel and the lamp. For junior and temporary workers, the installation is not that easy.

There are many other factors that affect the solar lights product type you choose, if you need any help, don't hesitate to contact us.

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