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Considerations of purchasing solar LED street lights

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Considerations of purchasing solar LED street lights

  1. Considerations of purchasing solar LED street lights

Considerations of purchasing solar LED street lights

If you want to ensure that your solar LED street light is working well, you obviously need to dig a little deeper and read more about solar street lights, product types and more.

In times when solar energy is on the rise, you can see the solar street light prices online and browse websites of renowned solar street light manufacturers. However, the best solar street light is a different thing for everyone. Below, we are listing some of the most important tips for buying solar street lights:

1. If you are an individual user, you don’t really need to focus on finding a brand new solar street light with every component included. Instead, you can replace the existing light with an integrated light that comes with a built-in solar panel and battery.

2. If you are a commercial user or a company, you should certainly consider the ease of installation. For multiple units, hard-to-install solar street lights can cause a lot of problems.

3. Industrial users and government projects may find the purchase of solar street LED lights even more complex. They also may require custom applications which is why there needs to be a body examining the use and deployment of this technology in different areas and applications.

4. Keep in mind to review the qualifications of the integrated solar street light manufacturer, the certifications of its products, the past similar projects and the general terms and conditions.

5. Batteries in solar LED lights are the main store of energy generated by the sun. They must be both durable and easily replaceable, which is why you should focus on products offering these features and manufactured with common and standard technical parameters that ensuring you can easily find a replacement or alternative in the market. The durability, moisture- and heat-resistance is another key factor to watch, given that most of these lights are installed and used outdoors and should be used under extreme weather.

6. Photovoltaic cells are the ones which trap the light from the sun and transform it into electrical energy. In some solar street lights, these cells are ingrained into the light fixtures and in others, they come in separate arrays attached externally to the pole containing the LED light. You don’t need to understand the luminance of the light by measuring the amount of the cells or the size of the panel. The wattage (Watt value) of the light—as a symbol of power—can be especially useful in this manner—related to the actual power of the light.

7. The street light pole which the solar LED street light is mounted on should be sturdy and be able to withstand its weight. It should also be designed to stay erect even in bad weather conditions like typhoons.

8. The intensity of light and expanse of the area are additional things to consider. Improper LED solar street lighting can result even from lights that are working perfectly. We hope that these tips will help you find the best solar street lights for your needs and budget.

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