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Suggestions for investing in solar street lights

Post time: 2021-10-14 09:13:27

To invest the integrated solar panel street light, some points need to be confirmed. The confirmation of these information can help you configure a suitable all in one solar panel street light. It means you can get a integrated solar panel street light that can meet your lighting requirement within your budget.

Where is the solar street light going to be installed?

Where is the installation place of the solar panel street light? This is a significant question. Lighting requirements are totally different in various places such as streets, parks, parking lots, highways, etc. Different application will affect the height, installation distance, lighting of the light pole. For example, solar street lights installed on pedestrian streets may require higher brightness than trails or parks.

Geographic location of integrated solar street light

Geographic location of the solar panel street lights must be provided. Why? Solar panel street lights get the electricity from solar light. This is the biggest difference from traditional led street light. Some areas get rich solar light such as Philippines, Malaysia of Southeast Asia. The more specific the geographic location, the better.

How big the place that you need to light up?

How big is the tennis court or how long is the street? From these information, we can know how many street lights you need. The bigger the illumination area, the more solar street lamps you need. This will affect your project budget.

How long is the lighting hours?

How long do I need to turn on the lights every night? When the lights are on, do they need to light up all night or only at specific times? These information can help confirm the capacity of the rechargeable battery, controller and the solar panel. Most people will choose provide illumination at different periods with different power. For example, the street light will light up with 100% from 6PM-9PM, 70% power from 9PM-12PM, 30% power from 12PM-6AM. Solar panel street lights with motion sensor would be far more convenient, the street light will light up with 100% power when people reach the sensing distance, and turn to 30% power when people leave. Of course, street lights with motion sensors are more expensive

Confirm the CCT

What color of light or higher temperature (6000K) is needed? The color temperature affects the power output of the lamp and affects the project cost. Although color temperature may be more of a preference than a requirement, urban lighting prefers lights with higher color temperatures because it is more beneficial to our health and the environment.

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